August Collection Coming August 14th at 11:00PM EST

COVID-19 Response and "Split Hoodie" Delays

Hello everyone! 

We are now expecting to be shipping Split Hoodies in the very near future! As everyone is aware, COVID-19 has impacted our business and production greatly and as a result the shipping of all the hoodies was pushed back significantly. Through this we have seen how incredibly supportive most of you are in knowing that we are doing everything in our power to get them out as fast as possible. If you have sent an email and not gotten a response please know that we are trying to get back to everyone as quickly as we can!

We ask that everyone remains patient for just a little while longer, and we can assure you that the handmade clothing will be well worth the wait!!

If you have any further questions, our contact information can be found on our website as well. Thanks again for being the best supporters in the world, we couldn't do this without you all!

Best regards and safety in these times,

Ryan Sullivan and the Unxpectd Team