Needlework - "the flare" 1/1

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  • 33x30

“needlework”, or at least the first showing of “needlework”, is a concept inspired by ancient Japanese Sashiko and Boro stitching. Used to extend the life of damaged goods, the Japanese “needlework” allows for creative control in placement, coloring, and layering. Patchwork has always been part of my design language, but I wanted to expand the horizon and utilize the needle and thread to create a clean tonal look for some pieces, and then also try a more combative, chaotic look on “the flare”. These pieces were made over the course of a month of grueling hours hunched over aside a mound of fabric scraps. Each product took anywhere from 12-48 hours each. More will be unraveling over the next while, but for now I present to you, “needlework”.

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