“Mama’s Boy Tour” Oversized Hoodie
“Mama’s Boy Tour” Oversized Hoodie

“Mama’s Boy Tour” Oversized Hoodie

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The “Mama’s Boy Tour” Oversized Hoodie is our first oversized product, and we couldn’t be more excited with the outcome. Hand sewn and dyed by our team, this piece stands out from the rest. Featuring an elevated pattern and fit we have yet to try and a dying style that creates highs and low within the garment, this product pioneers future work within the brand. The graphic on the front and back is inspired by pop band merch with our own signature code: the basement we started in (p.s. Mom’s if you’re reading this, we love you all).  All products featured in this mini-collection are inspired by our earliest work. Color selections and garment designs reflect our beginning stages, but with enhanced techniques we have recently learned. As we continue to prepare for our next big release, we have taken time to develop better processes and techniques; and we want to give you all a taste of what’s to come. We love you all, Live Unxpectd!

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