"Split Sweatpants" Concept Sample 1/1
"Split Sweatpants" Concept Sample 1/1
"Split Sweatpants" Concept Sample 1/1

"Split Sweatpants" Concept Sample 1/1

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Created over the course of the last year, our “concept samples” aim to expand the potential of Unxpectd design. Pushing the ideas we had in the early mom’s basement days to a higher level. Demonstrating that the kids in the basement with the funky cut/sew ideology can create in the higher fashion industry. We aim to release more of these periodically as we sample and continue to push the boundary of what Unxpectd can accomplish. As for the pricing, it’s important to note that these are luxury goods. The fabric, patterns, and cost are too high to price where we put our current product line, but as we continue to learn and create, we aim to drive cost down for a full release. Each of these 1/1’s listed will only be sold to one customer and will never be repeated, so if you’re looking to purchase something luxury and of higher quality, you’re in the right spot.

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