"Denim Patchwork" Pants

"Denim Patchwork" Pants

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Description:  Made from 170 different 5” x 5” square cuts of varying fabrics, the “Denim Patchwork” Pants are our most complex in construction and creativity yet. The idea for the garment has been in works for months, and after lots of learning, we finally reached the end result we wanted. The inner layer of the pants is lined with a thin, soft material to hold the patches in place while maintaining the structure of the pants. All of the fabric was found in downtown Los Angeles and composed from USA textiles over the last 25 years. The fabric selections range from rugs to tapestries to printed shoe canvas. The construction time is the lengthiest of any product. Each one is entirely unique as all fabric squares are sewn together in a different pattern every time. We are incredibly proud of these pants and have looked forward to releasing them for a long time!

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